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Yeshiming reflective matrial co.,ld

[China] Reflective fabric

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Reflective fabric features:
1) It's open lens type reflective material, can be available with 100% polyester backing or pol.cot(T/C) backing tape.
2) Bright grey colored on day time.
3) Excellent retro reflective performance, and they are complies with requirements of BS EN471 class 2, washing: 50 cycles(ISO 6330, 60 C degree), ideal for high visibility safety protection garments.
4) Easy to be slit cut or simple cut by hand or by guillotine.
5) Able to be sewn easily onto other fabrics.
6) It provides nighttime safety and decoration, without sacrificing comfort and smoothness. It is non-orientation sensitive.
7) Offers 10 dry cleaning cycles

Specifications of 100% polyester reflective fabric:
Coefficient of retro reflection: 450cd/lux.m2
colour:silver or silver grey
type: glass beads retro reflective
1m width, can be cut out for meeting customer's request from 1-10cm width.

Applications: suitable for garments, bags, caps, shoes, tape and sports gear, etc.

Packing: 1M*100M/roll, 1roll/ctn, seaworthy packing.
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Katalog/Branche: Sicherheit -> Roadway safety


Yeshiming reflective matrial co.,ld

Straße:wuli industrial park
Telefon: +86 595 85739393


Name und Vorname: Antonio xu
Telefon: +86 595 85739393
Handy: +86 13559595958
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